Blow the Trumpet, Sound the Alarm 2010 Winnipeg Prophecy Conference - CDSET0037

Prophecy conference in Winnipeg with 24 messages


  • "In the Beginning, God" (Hocking)
  • "Blow The Trumpet, Sound The Alarm" (Prasch)
  • " Man As God" (Teichrib)
  • "Jesus: The Theme Of Prophecy" (Hindson)
  • "A Glimpse Of Glory" (Lindsted)
  • "What Does It Mean To Love?" (Hocking)
  • "Why Study Bible Prophecy?" (LaHaye)
  • "Seven Future Events That Will Shake The World" (Hindson)
  • "The Russian Islamic Invasion Of Israel" (LaHaye)
  • "When Satan Attacks" (Hocking)
  • "The Failure Of Modern Atheism" (Feakes)
  • "Can We Still Believe In The Rapture?" (Hindson)
  • "The Russian Islamic Invasion Of Israel, Part 2" (LaHaye)
  • "Missions: The Need Is Great, God Is Greater" (Lindst

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