Calvary Chapel San Jacinto Prophecy Conference 2008: About The Future - CDSET0025

What Yeshua said about the future.


  • The Modern State of Israel in Bible Prophecy Speaker: Arnold Fruchtenbaum
  • Behold, I Come Quickly! Speaker: David Hocking
  • The Campaign of Armageddon Speaker: Arnold Fruchtenbaum
  • Dressed and Ready (Luke 12) Speaker: Jacob Prasch
  • What’s Happening in Israel? Speaker: David Hocking
  • Noah and Lot Revisited (Luke 17) Speaker: Jacob Prasch
  • Teach All Nations Speaker: David Hocking
  • 5 Things Satan Wants You To Believe… (Luke 21) Speaker: Jacob Prasch
  • There Shall Be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth! Speaker: David Hocking
  • Things Satan Wants You To Wrongly Believe Speaker: Jacob Prasch

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