New Year's Eve Prophecy Conference 2007 - CDSET0013

Prophecy conference with topics listed in the details.


  • God’s Covenant Land - Bill Koenig
  • The White House’s Biblical Role - Bill Koenig
  • Dilemma of Laodicea - Jacob Prasch
  • Parable of the Wedding and the Return of Christ - Jacob Prasch
  • Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny - Dave Hunt
  • The Overlooked Proof of Everything - Dave Hunt
  • What is Bible Prophecy? - David Hocking
  • What is Zionism? - David Hocking

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Resisting The Mystical


The second chapter of second Thessalonians tells us there will be a falling away before the day of the Lord.

How can we avoid this falling away? One candidate for producing a massive falling away, and which has roots in most of the world’s religions, is already on the scene. It has even made significant in-roads into evangelical churches. The Emergent Church promotes this.

John the Baptist

This message examines the spiritual relationship between Elijah, Elisha, and John the Baptist, who had the same spirit.

Sons of Zadok - DVDJP0017

Ezekiel 44: Compares the righteous clergy with the unrighteous clergy, and explains how to know whether your pastor is righteous or unrighteous. Details the characteristics of each.