New Year's Eve Prophecy Conference 2007 - CDSET0013

Prophecy conference with topics listed in the details.


  • God’s Covenant Land - Bill Koenig
  • The White House’s Biblical Role - Bill Koenig
  • Dilemma of Laodicea - Jacob Prasch
  • Parable of the Wedding and the Return of Christ - Jacob Prasch
  • Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny - Dave Hunt
  • The Overlooked Proof of Everything - Dave Hunt
  • What is Bible Prophecy? - David Hocking
  • What is Zionism? - David Hocking

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A synopsis of how the deranged thinking in Jeremiah's day takes place in the church in the Last Days.

What On Earth Is Going On? - CDSET0001

The last several years have brought about a dramatic rise in Political Unrest and Uncertainty, as well as Wars, Famine, Earthquakes, Floods, Droughts, and more recently a 9.0 Earthquake that produced the most deadly Tsunami on record.