Southern California Prophecy Conference 2008 - MP3-0024

2008 Prophecy Conference

Speakers: Brigitte Gabriel

  • Ed Hindson
  • Don Perkins
  • Jacob Prasch
  • David Reagan
  • Kamal Saleem
  • Walid Shoebat
  • Jay Smith

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Resisting The Mystical


The second chapter of second Thessalonians tells us there will be a falling away before the day of the Lord.

How can we avoid this falling away? One candidate for producing a massive falling away, and which has roots in most of the world’s religions, is already on the scene. It has even made significant in-roads into evangelical churches. The Emergent Church promotes this.

John the Baptist

This message examines the spiritual relationship between Elijah, Elisha, and John the Baptist, who had the same spirit.